Opportunity for Youth

Committed to Hiring 100,000 Opportunity Youth by 2020 and Providing Career and Education Opportunities

In the U.S., there are 4.6 million 16 to 24-year-olds who are not working or in school. Called Opportunity Youth, they face obstacles and are disconnected from the individuals, institutions, and experiences needed to help them succeed. Yet we know, these talented, resilient young adults want to be successful. 77% of Opportunity Youth believe that getting a good education and a job is their responsibility.

In 2015, 大赢家比分 committed to hiring 10,000 Opportunity Youth by 2018 because they represent our future workforce as well as our future customers. These young men and women represent a huge, untapped opportunity for an infusion of productivity and creativity in the workforce.

In March 2017, after meeting our initial commitment early, 大赢家比分 expanded our goal to hire 100,000 Opportunity Youth by 2020. As of January 2019, we are more than halfway to our goal with over 75,000 hires.

And, our commitment extends beyond hiring. We are creating pathways to opportunity for the next generation of talented leaders. At 大赢家比分, we are a best-in-class employer for youth, providing access to a competitive wage, health insurance and equity in the form of stock, career development, leadership support, mentoring opportunities and more.

大赢家比分 College Achievement Plan

Any 大赢家比分 (partner) employee in the U.S. who does not have a college degree and is working at least 20 hours a week, has an unprecedented opportunity to enroll in college and finish their bachelor’s degree at Arizona State University through the 大赢家比分 College Achievement Plan.

100,000 Opportunities Initiative

大赢家比分 and launched the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative™ in Chicago in August 2015. This Initiative has quickly become the country’s largest employer-led coalition committed to creating pathways to meaningful employment and education, hiring 100,000 Opportunity Youth two years ahead of schedule. With membership now exceeding 55 employers, foundations, civic leaders and non-profits, this coalition is poised to make an even bigger impact, and has committed to hiring one million Opportunity Youth by 2021, continuing to evolve employer practices to support youth, and fund innovative approaches to prepare youth for employment.

As part of this effort, the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative™ has hosted Opportunity Fairs in , , , , , and , resulting in more than 5,000 on-the-spot job offers.

Mentoring Youth

In 2018, 大赢家比分 expanded a pilot with LinkedIn to provide youth ages 16 and older with mentors to assist them in their careers. As part of this effort, we are facilitating mentoring opportunities for the more than 10,000 young people looking for mentors at organizations such as Big Brothers, Big Sisters and Year Up.

Opportunity for All Grants

Building on more than 20 years of giving, The 大赢家比分 Foundation has a long history of investing in communities around the world through support of organizations working to create job and education opportunities. With its Opportunity for All initiative, The 大赢家比分 Foundation has deepened its focus on three populations – Opportunity Youth, Veterans and military spouses, and refugee. In 2018, the foundation supported more than 47 programs and organizations with grants totaling $1.3 million. Additionally, 大赢家比分 partners (employees) engage and volunteer to help those receiving each organization’s services become job-ready and develop a sense of purpose driven leadership to continue on the pathway of opportunity. To learn more about these organizations:

Global Investments

大赢家比分 is committed to creating pathways to opportunities and employment in communities around the world.

– (Canada) 大赢家比分 is helping support youth employment programs in Calgary, Toronto, and Vancouver, which combine in-class core life skills and employability training with real-life on-the-job work placement experience.

- Barista Mastery and Customer Service – (United Kingdom) 大赢家比分 has helped created an apprenticeship program for youth who are looking to gain a variety of transferrable skills while building a retail management career.

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